Large Storing Capacity

Our facility will hold approximately 5 million lbs. of candy

Purchase from every major manufacturer

We purchase from every major manufacturer in the US and some international all of which are SQF Level II or III certified.

Extensive industry knowledge

Extensive industry knowledge in top retail candy items.

Partners and Facilities

Several packaging partners and backup facilities throughout Midwest.



  • Made in USA
  • SQF level II Certified
  • Producing high quality Gummies, Jellies and Jujus
  • Capable of producing fruit snacks and select nutraceuticals
  • Flexible production capabilities to adapt to client needs
  • Centrally located
  • State-of-the-art facility

Custom Packaging, PDQs and Displays

  • Peg bag with design
  • Full design with a window
  • Any tub options
  • Holiday themed film
  • Branded co-packaging
  • Specialty/Holiday

Wholesale Distribution

  • Large temperature controlled facility
  • State of the art supply chain management system
  • Can hold up to 5 million pounds of candy
  • Carry large variety of candy & chocolates from major manufacturers
    • Gum
    • Hard Mints
    • Hard Candy
    • Wrapped Candy
    • Chocolate
    • Gummies
    • Jellies
    • JuJu
    • Taffy
  • Service all size customers

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